Industrial Electrical Services Sydney

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services in Sydney

Whether you require a residential electrical consultation, a commercial office fit-out or industrial electrical services in Sydney, you can count on Bucks Electrical to deliver safe results, strong customer service and quality electrical work. Although we are a young business, we have more than 13 years of experience in the electrical trade and are qualified to take on projects spanning every size and sector.

What you Can Expect from Our Industrial Electrical Services in Sydney

Many electricians offer residential and commercial services, but few are comfortable with large industrial jobs. What precisely does the industrial electrical category include? Here are some of the services our industrial electrical contractor in Sydney will be able to provide to you or your business:

  • Factory fit-outs. Industrial operations such as factories, manufacturing plants or processing plants incorporate a vast array of machinery and electrical equipment. As a result, industrial electrical fit-out work tends to be exceedingly complex, incorporating mains cabling, switchboards, lighting, data and telephone cabling, automation, backup/emergency power, security and access control systems, PA systems and more. Not all electricians have experience with this complicated work, which is part of the reason why finding an industrial electrician in Sydney isn’t always easy.
  • Three-phase machinery. Industrial operations typically receive power from the power company as a three-phase power supply. Improper installation of three-phase machinery and equipment can damage the equipment. Fortunately, our electricians have extensive experience with this type of power supply.
  • Strata properties. Strata real estate buildings combine the top challenges of both residential electrical work (meeting the smaller-scale needs of individual property owners or residents) and industrial electrical work (the large-scale, big-picture requirements of managing and maintaining electrical systems for a large building). Finding an experienced strata electrician in Sydney is crucial to keeping a strata building not only operational but also safe, modernised, and satisfactorily maintained for the residents. Our electricians, due to their experience across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, are uniquely suited to serve as strata electricians.

What Sets Bucks Electrical Apart as an Industrial Electrical Contractor in Sydney

What makes Bucks Electrical an ideal partner for your industrial project, whether it’s a fit-out for a manufacturing plant or a bit of strata electrical work in Sydney? Here are a few of our core differentiators:

  • Our versatility. Where some electricians focus on one sector, we feel comfortable moving fluidly from small homes to mid-sized businesses to massive, multinational industrial operations. We’ve worked with homebuilders and homeowners to help with initial wiring, renovations, switchboard upgrades, home automation, security and more. For commercial business owners, we’ve done office fit-outs, handled the electrical needs of hotels, bars and restaurants, installed CCTV and emergency lighting systems and more. Our skills and experience in each category have helped make us stronger electricians in general.
  • Our focus on the customer. We are fully committed to providing the best customer experience from start to finish. At the outset of your project, we make sure we know precisely what you are looking for so that we can deliver it flawlessly. Along the way, we provide friendly and professional service, timely and tidy work, and constant communication. Finally, you will have the superior quality electrical work that you hired us to provide.
  • Our 24-hour service. If your home or business loses power or you encounter some other electrical emergency, you can always call us. We are here to help, no matter the hour of the day (or night).

Why Trust Bucks Electrical as Your Industrial Electrician in Sydney?

Need proof that you can trust us as your home, business, factory, or real estate electrician in Sydney? Look no further than our customer testimonials to learn about our track record for quality work and top-notch customer experience. Contact us directly if you have any questions.